System Accountability

Health systems are accountable to the public for care and resource use

KCHIP Enrollment Performance Number
Adair Free and Reduced School Lunch Program 111
Medicaid and KCHIP Enrollment 49

About the Indicator: Counties were ranked (from 1 to 120) according to the percentage of public school students enrolled in free and reduced lunch program.  This data is considered a proxy for the number of low-income and potentially KCHIP-eligible children in a county.

Counties were subsequently ranked (from 1 to 120) according to the percentage of children enrolled in KCHIP or Medicaid.

While the two measures are not directly comparable (school lunch data does not provide information on children too young to attend school, for example), counties with large variations in these two rankings (>10 places) may want to explore their program enrollment to ensure that children in need are not being missed.

Data Source: Kentucky Injury Prevention Center

Median Hospital Charges for Heart Failure Currency
Kentucky 291 Heart failure & shock w MCC $16,468.1
292 Heart failure & shock w CC $11,636.4
293 Heart failure & shock w/o CC/MCC $8,731.5

Data Source: Kentucky Hospital Association

Data Sources:

Kentucky Injury Prevention Center

Kentucky Hospital Association

Description: Data from the Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA) Hospital Discharge Database for Specific Diagnosis Related Groups (MSDRG) associated with heart failure.

Cost data for additional MSDRGs is available through KHA's website at 

Note: Hospitals with <20 discharges for a specified MSDRG are excluded.  Because these figures are averaes, they may be different from what a given patient is billed.  The numbers do not measure quality of care.