Affordable Care

Affordable health care – including medications – for everyone; Affordable care for each individual

Forego Care Due to Cost (percent adults) Percent
Kentucky County 13%
County Group 13%

About the Indicator: The percent of adults who report that there was a time in the past year when they needed to see a doctor but could not because of the cost.

Data Source: BRFSS

Data Sources:

American Community Survey, U.S. Census Bureau

Description: Data from American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates.  1-Year and 3-Year Estimates may be available for counties with large populations.  For more information, visit

Kentucky State Data Center

Description: Calculated by the Kentucky State Data Center.


Description: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Kentucky Department for Public Health. Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Data as analyzed at the county level by the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Control Program and College of Public Health.

Data for counties with fewer than 50 respondents have been suppressed. 

County groups were developed by researchers at the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Control Program and College of Public Health under the direction of the Kentucky Department for Public Health. The county groups were developed through a methodology which considered socioeconomic, demographic, and health-related statistics at the county level, together with geographical proximity and number of BRFSS respondents, to cluster counties based on similar characteristics. County groups are expected to provide more stable rates and reliable estimates for small areas in Kentucky. For additional information, please email rseger at